Debian Patches

Status for rust-rtnetlink/0.10.1-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
disable-smol.patch =================================================================== no
relax-dep-env-logger.patch no
relax-dep-ipnetwork.patch no
relax-deps.patch =================================================================== no
disable-create-get-delete-wg-test.patch disable create_get_delete_wg test This test fails for me, even without any Debian patches, I suspect it is
something to do with my environment, but

At the time of writing the testsuite is entirely skipped in testing, so
disabling a test so the rest can be run is an improvement over the
prior situation.
Peter Michael Green <> no 2022-08-23
fix-tests-no-default-features.patch =================================================================== no
disable-tests-that-fail-on-debci.patch This disables a couple of tests that fail on debci but not on my local system,
i'm pretty sure these are failing due to permission issues rather than bugs
in the code -- plugwash.


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