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drop-subplot.patch Drop subplot-driven tests
subplot is not available in debian, and it would require a lot
of additional packaging work. Better to just avoid it for now.

This set of changes for the sake of reduced dependency subtrees
was guided by Lars Wirzenius from upstream.
Daniel Kahn Gillmor <> no
relax-serde_json.patch relax serde_json dep from 1.0.81 to 1.0.80
Upstream indicated no reason to need serde_json 1.0.81 specifically
and uploading serde_json > 1.0.80 to debian runs into #1015743 so it
is simpler to just relax this dependency here for now.
Daniel Kahn Gillmor <> no
rpassword-6.patch This patch is based on the upstream commit described below, adapted for use
in the Debian package by Peter Michael Green.

commit 7936e3513ee339650a7ac2eff11edd2fac3f037d

openpgp, sq: Update dependency rpassword to 6.

- rpassword underwent some rework. The successor of
read_password_from_tty seems to be prompt_password, relevant commits
to rpassword:
- e6023757df00a67a1e16796db50c5ffad41b6268
- 2edf6cee07573ec4aa86531e6177ee90331d5c60

Nora Widdecke <> no 2022-09-08

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