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udevadm-path.patch =================================================================== no
install-iucvterm.patch =================================================================== no
bashism.patch =================================================================== no
zipl-optional.patch =================================================================== no
disable.patch =================================================================== no
sg3-utils.patch Fix warning to emit proper sg3-utils package name for Debian dann frazier <> no 2015-12-08
0001-genprotimg-boot-disable-Warray-bounds-for-now.patch [PATCH] genprotimg/boot: disable `-Warray-bounds` for now
This work around fixes the gcc-12 false positive by disabling `Warray-bounds`:

CC genprotimg/boot/stage3a.o
In file included from stage3a.c:14:
In function ‘__test_facility’,
inlined from ‘test_facility’ at ../../include/boot/s390.h:428:9,
inlined from ‘start’ at stage3a.c:42:7:
../../include/boot/s390.h:418:17: error: array subscript 0 is outside array bounds of ‘void[0]’ [-Werror=array-bounds]
418 | return (*ptr & (0x80 >> (nr & 7))) != 0;
| ^~~~

Unfortunately, there is currently no better fix available that doesn't result
in larger boot loader code sizes. Given the importancy of the boot loader file
sizes the other fixes aren't acceptable. The Linux kernel shares the
problem (but for performance reasons), take a look at the discussion for details.
Marc Hartmayer <> no 2022-04-26
0001-genprotimg-add-OpenSSL-3.0-support.patch [PATCH] genprotimg: add OpenSSL 3.0 support
Add OpenSSL 3.0 support while still supporting OpenSSL 1.1.0 and newer. For this
set the OPENSSL_API_COMPAT user defined macro to OpenSSL 1.1.0 (see so we don't
see any deprecation warnings when using OpenSSL 3.0. In addition, add an
compatibility layer for OpenSSL since some OpenSSL API functions were constified
with OpenSSL 3.0.
Marc Hartmayer <> no 2021-06-23

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