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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Make-examples-compilable-without-extra-example.h.patch Make examples compilable without extra example.h Sven Eckelmann <> not-needed 2009-09-12
Documentation-Force-xmlto-encoding-to-UTF-8.patch Documentation: Force xmlto encoding to UTF-8
The s3d packages on Debian are currently not reproducible on Debian because
the encoding of the HTML files depends on the locale of the system. Instead
the encoding should always be forced to UTF-8
Sven Eckelmann <> no 2015-12-30
Fix-spelling-errors.patch Fix spelling errors Sven Eckelmann <> no 2016-01-01
cmake-Switch-to-external-SDL2-configuration-file.patch cmake: Switch to external SDL2 configuration file
The Debian bullseye libsdl2-dev package moved its header files to a
non-common path. Instead the sdl2-config.cmake is shipped with the package.
This file is automatically used when the it finds no FindSDL2.cmake in our
cmake modules directory.
Sven Eckelmann <> no debian upstream, 2020-02-23
s3dosm-Add-support-for-libgps-API-10.patch s3dosm: Add support for libgps API 10 Bernd Zeimetz <> no debian upstream, 2021-01-04
build-fix-gpsd-3.25.patch Let it build with libgps api 12+
Define _LOCAL_STATUS_UNK based on libgps API version
to the proper constant - legacy STATUS_NO_FIX or the
new one STATUS_UNK
Boian Bonev <> no 2023-05-16

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