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Status for s3ql/3.7.3+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
proc_mount.diff Skip tests requiring /proc Nikolaus Rath <> no debian 2016-02-23
clock-granularity.diff Estimate system clock granularity more conservatively

Some unit tests check that file access time stamps are updated
correctly. For such a test to succeed, it's necessarily that the time
between two subsequent test-accesses can actually be resolved. The
heuristic to determine this granularity doesn't seem to work well on
e.g. the i386 buildd, so we make it much more conservative. This means
the test suite runs longer, but otherwise has no ill effects.
Nikolaus Rath <> no debian 2016-02-23
show_pdflatex_output.diff Don't hide pdflatex output.

Upstream is not interested in this patch.
Nikolaus Rath <> not-needed debian 2016-06-27

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