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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
sphinx-doc-no-download.patch prevent dataset download during doc build. Guard with debian specific environment variable to avoid breaking the functionality. Mo Zhou <> no
relax_test_tolerance.patch Relax test tolerance - this patch is needed at least for i386 (not for amd64) > assert_allclose(rbm_64.components_, rbm_32.components_, rtol=1e-03, atol=0)
E AssertionError:
E Not equal to tolerance rtol=0.001, atol=0
E Mismatched elements: 1 / 1024 (0.0977%)
E Max absolute difference: 1.64902041e-07
E Max relative difference: 0.00120168
E x: array([[-0.314464, -0.269352, -0.050074, ..., 0.032314, -0.184839,
E -0.34867 ],
E [-0.315646, -0.263143, -0.079185, ..., 0.054781, -0.178217,...
E y: array([[-0.314464, -0.269352, -0.050074, ..., 0.032314, -0.184839,
E -0.34867 ],
E [-0.315646, -0.263143, -0.079185, ..., 0.054781, -0.178217,...
sklearn/neural_network/tests/ AssertionError
Andreas Tille <> no 2022-02-15
Disable-BinderHub-links.patch Disable BinderHub links Christian Kastner <> not-needed 2020-05-03
parallel-cythonize.patch Get cythonize parallelization from environment
Instead of hard-coding to the CPU count, get the number of jobs for the JOBS
env var (eg: set in debian/rules), defaulting to 1 if it is not set.
yangfl <> no 2020-02-13
no-download-intersphinx-mapping.patch No-downloading intersphinx mapping
yangfl <> no 2018-10-19
remove-google-analytics.patch Disable google analytics referrals in the -doc
if we were to provide some information from just reading documentation we
had to disclose and seek approval from the user before doing that.

Thanks Ambrose Andrews for the analysis and report
Yaroslav Halchenko <> no debian upstream Debian 2013-11-24
git-revision-cmd.patch Supply GitHub revision for built documentation
This is used for the [source] links in the documentation.
Yaroslav Halchenko <> no 2020-02-13
no-buttons-js.patch Disable JavaScript GitHub buttons yangfl <> not-needed 2018-10-20
Use-local-MathJax.patch Use local MathJax Christian Kastner <> not-needed 2020-05-03
align-create_memmap_backed_data.patch align create_memmap_backed_data() by default This avoids a bus error on armhf and should avoid
slow downs on other architectures, thanks Seth Arnold
Graham Inggs <> no 2022-10-08
fix_clean.patch Provide all method to clean target Andreas Tille <> no 2023-01-26

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