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Status for scm/5f3-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
not-usr-local.patch Reference Debian install locations Bryan Newbold <> not-needed 2021-12-01
kfreebsd_support.patch kfreebsd_support Bryan Newbold <> no 2021-12-01
ppc64_short_int.patch Fixes builds on ppc64 and ppc64el architectures. "Fernando Seiti Furusato, no 2021-12-01
hurd_maxpathlen.patch Fix FTBFS on hurd-i386 Svante Signell <> no 2021-12-01
add-missing-edit-line-feature.patch Add missing "edit-line" feature Don't know why it was missing. astian <> no 2018-03-03
fix-argument-imm-being-ignored-in-m_letstar1.patch Fix argument "imm" being ignored in "m_letstar1" Like "m_letrec1", "m_letstar1" is used in the implementation of various
syntactic elements. Like in "m_letrec1", argument "imm" in "m_letstar1"
is supposed to indicate (methinks) what syntactic element is being
astian <> no 2018-03-03
fix-readline-related-bug.patch Fix readline-related bug Non-printable character (meant to be interpreted by the terminal) in the
prompt string was not enclosed in RL_PROMPT_START_IGNORE/RL_PROMPT_END_IGNORE
pairs, resulting in improper behaviour by GNU readline.
This is a Scheme-only fix, but it's not ideal because it hardcodes
libreadline constants. Ideally, "Iedline.scm" would get eval-ed in an
environment where C code has made the constants (from <readline/readline.h>)
available. This way the constants are not hardcoded in the source code and
the Scheme namespace is not polluted with implementation details.
astian <> no debian 2018-03-05
use-compiler-flags.patch Pass through compiler flags to gcc Göran Weinholt <> no 2022-12-18
disable-bigrecy.patch Disable bigrecy()
This patch yet again disables bigrecy(). Some call to this function
causes build failures on armhf, armel and mipsel.
Göran Weinholt <> no 2022-11-27
support-rv64-mips64el-s390x.patch no

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