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Status for sctk/2.4.10-20151007-1312Z+dfsg2-3.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1008_fix_install_target.patch fix sclite install target Giulio Paci <> invalid
1001_compilation_fixes.patch fix compilation with recent compilers Fix compilation by:
- adding missing headers
- adding missing some "typename" keywords
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1002_clean_target_fix.patch Fix the distclean target Make the distclean target of all the Makefiles working. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1003_fix_mispellings.patch fix mispellings This patch fixes mispellings in binary files reported by lintian. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1004_perl4_to_perl5.patch replaces perl4 code with perl5 one Removes old modules, generally used in perl4 code and replace them
with newer, non-deprecated, modules.
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1005_enable_cflags_and_ldflags.patch enable LDFLAGS, CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS Giulio Paci <> invalid
1006_improve_make_in_subdirectories.patch fix some errors in the build system This patch improves the build system by making it fail on some
previously ignored fatal errors.
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1007_fix_compilation_with_O2_option.patch fix compilation This patch fixes stdcenvp.h by adding inclusion safeguard check. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1009_compilation_fixes.patch fix rfilter1 compilation This patch removes the "char" to "unsigned char" definition line,
introduces strcasecmp and strncasecmp for case insensitive comparisons
and fixes rfilter1 code so that it continues to behave as expected.
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1010_improve_makefiles.patch improve sclite makefiles. This patch improves errors handling in sclite makefiles. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1011_fix_compilation_warnings.patch reduce asclite compilation warnings. This patch reduces some compilation warnings in asclite. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1012_compilation_fixes.patch fix asclite compilation. This patch adds missing CXXFLAGS to asclite compilation. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1013_improve_makefiles.patch improve makefiles. This patch improves errors handling in makefiles. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1014_spelling_errors.patch fix spelling errors. This patch fix some spelling errors. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1015_fix_images_scale_in_documentation.patch change images width in documentation. This patch makes images width size relative to text size in documentation. Giulio Paci <> invalid
1016_fix_gnuplot_output.patch fix gnuplot output. This patch fixes gnuplot files output for sctk tools. Giulio Paci <> invalid
2001_use_replacement_images_in_documentation.patch replace images with free alternatives in documentation. This patch replace the file names of upstream documentation images
with the file names of the corresponding automatically generated free
alternative images.
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1017_provide_uniform_help.patch provides uniform help for all tools This patch tries to make help more uniform across tools.
Help message should provide at least:
- command name;
- command purpose;
- help option printing the message and with 0 exit status.
the option should always be the same for all tools;
- hints about command syntax;
- all the above information should be presented with uniform
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1018_add_italian_support_to_hubscr.patch add Italian support to hubscr Piero Cosi <> invalid
1019_fix_echo_usage.patch do not use echo to print options Some shells (e.g., bash) have built-in echo implementation that may interpret
given options. Using printf seems more robust.
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1020_fix_spelling_errors.patch fix some spelling errors Giulio Paci <> invalid

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