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CVE-2017-2887.patch # HG changeset patch
# User Sam Lantinga <>
# Date 1507329619 25200
# Node ID 318484db0705d07d4d1f4c0a1d3d5ea69f6ba2b0
# Parent 7ad06019831d474380fd5a63e518d21219031519
Fixed security vulnerability in XCF image loader (thanks Yves!)

diff -r 7ad06019831d -r 318484db0705 IMG_xcf.c
CVE-2017-12122-1.patch lbm: use correct variable to check color planes. no upstream,
CVE-2017-12122-2.patch lbm: Fail to load images with unsupported/bogus color depth. no upstream,
CVE-2017-14440.patch lbm: Don't overflow static colormap buffer. no upstream,
CVE-2017-14441.patch ico: reject obviously incorrect image sizes. no upstream,
CVE-2017-14442.patch bmp: don't overflow palette buffer with bogus biClrUsed values. no upstream,
CVE-2017-14448.patch xcf: deal with bogus data in rle tile decoding. no upstream,
CVE-2017-14450.patch gif: report error on bogus LWZ data, instead of overflowing a buffer. no upstream,
CVE-2018-3837.patch pcx: don't overflow buffer if bytes-per-line is less than image width. no upstream,
CVE-2018-3838.patch xcf: Prevent infinite loop and/or buffer overflow on bogus data. no upstream,
CVE-2018-3839.patch xcf: check for some potential integer overflows. no upstream,
CVE-2018-3977.patch CVE-2018-3977 Ryan C. Gordon <> no upstream, 2018-11-04
CVE-2019-12218.patch fix heap buffer overflow issue in IMG_pcx.c Issue known as TALOS-2019-0841, CVE-2019-12218. Sam Lantinga <> no upstream,
CVE-2019-5052.patch fix invalid data read on bpl == -1 Issue known as TALOS-2019-0821, or CVE-2019-5052. Sam Lantinga <> no upstream,
IMG_pcx-out-of-bounds.patch fix multiple OOB issues in IMG_pcx.c This patches addresses following issues: CVE-2019-12222, CVE-2019-12221,
CVE-2019-12220, CVE-2019-12219 and CVE-2019-12217.
Sam Lantinga <>, Hugo Lefeuvre <> no upstream,
CVE-2019-7635.patch fix Heap-Buffer Overflow in Blit1to4 (IMG_bmp.c) Sam Lantinga <> no upstream,
CVE-2019-5058.patch Fixed TALOS-2019-0842 - XCF Image Code Execution Vulnerability This patch addresses a bug in a previous security patch for CVE-2018-3977.
The initial patch failing to address this issue, the bug was "re-discovered"
later and addressed CVE-2019-5058.
Sam Lantinga <> no upstream,
CVE-2019-5059.patch Backport of upstream fix:

# HG changeset patch
# User Sam Lantinga <>
# Date 1560235821 25200
# Node ID 95fc7da55247a4368848144b9374a88a6494fd5c
# Parent b1a80aec2b1037704b666d716505da6ba968cba9
Fixed TALOS-2019-0843 - XPM image color code code execution vulnerability

By providing a sufficiently large ncolors and cpp value, the buffer allocation size can overflow into a size too small to hold the color code string. This causes the memcpy to cause a heap overflow, potentially resulting in code execution.
CVE-2019-5060.patch Backport of upstream fix:

# HG changeset patch
# User Sam Lantinga <>
# Date 1560237306 25200
# Node ID 26061e601c8157427ca319d943a715174dadce8c
# Parent 95fc7da55247a4368848144b9374a88a6494fd5c
Fixed TALOS-2019-0844 - XPM image colorhash parsing Code Execution Vulnerability

The table entry in the color_hash is created in the create_colorhash function based on the number of colors passed into the function. The size of the color_hash table is the first value in the powers of 2 larger than the passed in number of colors [2]. The size of the allocation is this calculated value * 8 (sizeof(struct hash_entry **)) [3]. This multiplication can cause an overflow, resulting in a very small allocation.
CVE-2019-13616.patch # HG changeset patch
# User Ozkan Sezer <>
# Date 1564511355 -10800
# Node ID a59bfe382008d2a14fa31f33b35a3ca473e9354f
# Parent 9ccaa3a0dfb6af18252c238797e53a9a899b0662
Fixed bug 4538 - validate image size when loading BMP files
showimage-Add-save-and-quit-options.patch showimage: Add -save and -quit options
This allows showimage to be used as a non-interactive smoke-test to
check that the SDL_image library can be linked against successfully.
Simon McVittie <> no 2019-09-23
bug809038.patch Fixed bug Bug 3214 - SDL_image causes "libpng warning: Interlace handling should be turned on when using png_read_image" when loading
interlaced images

Hans de Goede

When starting an app which uses SDL_image to load interlaced png-s with a recent libpng, the following message is printed to the terminal:

libpng warning: Interlace handling should be turned on when using png_read_image

Once per loaded png. The attached patch fixes this.
Sam Lantinga <> no backport, 2.0.3, commit:e63624fb63e063be67c788c29a3616ae02c18e99 2018-02-07

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