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Status for shotdetect/1.0.86-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1001-compilation_fixes.patch compilation fixes This patch fix issues that prevent the compilation steps to complete,
including gcc and packaging errors.
Giulio Paci <> no 2012-03-02
1002-fix-FTBFS-libav0.9.patch Fix FTBFS with libav 0.9 by replacing deprecated functions Fabrice Coutadeur <> no
1003-fix-FTBFS-ffmpeg_1.0.x.patch Fix FTBFS with ffmpeg 1.0.x by replacing deprecated functions Peter B. <> no 2013-08-10
1004-fix_comments_and_names.patch Fix comments, typos and contact references. Peter B. <> no 2013-08-10
libav10.patch fix compilation against libav10 Reinhard Tartler <> no
1008-fix-FTBFS-ffmpeg_2.9.patch Replace deprecated FFmpeg API Andreas Cadhalpun <> no 2015-11-02
1009-fix_missing_return_statement.patch Add missing return statement The missing return statement caused execution errors,
including segmentation faults, double free, and use of
uninitialized memory.
Giulio Paci <> no
1010-update_autotools_files.patch Replace autotools files The original autotools files in shotdetect did not work properly
and relied on old autotools version. This patch improves the
build configuration.
Giulio Paci <> no

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