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hurd-path-max.patch Fix for FTBFS on GNU/Hurd due to limits.h not defining PATH_MAX Patch based on patch for by Jari Aalto.

Axel Beckert <> invalid
optimize-makefile.patch Properly pass dpkg-buildflags variables * Don't overwrite already set variables
* Pass additional variables (CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS)
Fixes lintian warnings hardening-no-{relro,fortify-functions}

Axel Beckert <> invalid
dev_t.patch Fix malfunctioning on mips, mipsel and hurd-i386 The st_dev member of the structure stat, defined in
/usr/include/*-linux-gnu/bits/stat.h, is expected to be of type
dev_t. But for mips/mipsel ABIO32 it is defined as 'unsigned long
int' and for GNU/Hurd it's 'unsigned long long int'.

Svante Signell <> invalid debian
fix-spelling-errors.patch Fix spelling errors Reported by Lintian. Axel Beckert <> invalid
unsigned-vs-long-unsigned-int-in-fprintf.patch Description Fixes compilation warning about unsigned vs long unsigned int in fprintf
since.c: In function `setup_data':
since.c:777:49: warning: format `%u' expects argument of type `unsigned int', but argument 3 has type `long unsigned int' [-Wformat=]
777 | fprintf(stderr, "since: unable to allocate %u bytes for %s\n", sizeof(struct data_file) * (sn->s_data_count * 1), name);
| ~^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| | |
| unsigned int long unsigned int
| %lu
Axel Beckert <> invalid

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