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0001-Fix-FutureWarnings-from-numpy-and-torch-921.patch [PATCH 5/9] Fix FutureWarnings from numpy and torch (#921)
- don't use torch.testing.assert_allclose, use assert_close instead
- don't use np.bool, use bool instead

Note that np.dtype('bool') == bool, so replace np.bool by bool should
just work.

- Adjust test that used ragged numpy array

Numpy used to allow creation of ragged arrays, e.g.

np.array([[1], [2, 2], [3, 3, 3]])

This does not work anymore with newer numpy versions (tested on
1.24.0rc2). To make it work, dtype=object has to be passed explicitly.
This does not any skorch code directly, but it was necessary to fix a
Benjamin Bossan <> no 2022-12-07
0002-Bugfixes-Bugs-stemming-from-the-use-of-non-standard-.patch [PATCH 7/9] Bugfixes: Bugs stemming from the use of non-standard modules and criteria (#927)

These bugfixes were originally provided in #912 but are now moved to their own

1. Inferring the predict nonlinearity made the assumption that a net.criterion_
exists. However, this might not always be the case. Now, this function works
even if the criterion attribute has a different name. Moreover, when more
than one criterion is defined, the identity function will be returned.
2. The second bug is that in check_is_fitted, we made the check dependent on the
module_ attribute. Again, we should not assume that it always exists, as
users may define different names. Now, those custom names will be checked,
and only if those don't exist is it assumed that the module_ attribute should
3. The module now defines an __all__ attribute. This seems to be
necessary for sphinx to build documentation for objects that are imported to,
but not defined in, Specifically, this is the case for the
parse_args CLI feature.
4. Fixed a small bug in on_grad_computed, which has training=False as default
arg but during training, it should be set to True. Thankfully, it had no
consequences in our code since it's only used by GradientNormClipping, which
doesn't check that argument.
Benjamin Bossan <> no 2023-01-03
0003-DOC-fix-typo-in-install-instruction-929.patch [PATCH 8/9] DOC fix typo in install instruction (#929) Muhammad Abdullah <> no 2023-01-17
skip-test.patch =================================================================== no

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