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Status for sloccount/2.26-5.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_restore_pristine_code.patch New patch generated from sloccount 2.26-2.1 diff.gz Sandro Tosi <> no
10_fix_manpage.patch Fix minus signes used as hyphen (lintian warning
diff -urNad sloccount~/sloccount.1 sloccount/sloccount.1
Sandro Tosi <> no
20_bts462392_erlang_support.patch BTS 462392: add support to Erlang
diff -urNad sloccount~/break_filelist sloccount/break_filelist
Michael Gebetsroither <> no
30_bts466827_enhance_bison_flex.patch Enhance the recognition of bison/flex source files

diff -u sloccount-2.26/break_filelist sloccount-2.26-bison-flex/break_filelist
Ronald Aigner <> no
40_bts281293_ignore_autotools_files.patch Ignore autotools generated files

diff -u sloccount-2.26/break_filelist sloccount-2.26-autotool/break_filelist
Ronald Aigner <> no
50_bts379448_ruby_recognize.patch Recognize ruby script by shebang

diff -u sloccount-2.26/break_filelist sloccount-2.26-ruby/break_filelist
Ronald Aigner <> no
60_bts508557_vhdl_support.patch Enable VHDL support
diff -urNad sloccount~/break_filelist sloccount/break_filelist
Elie De Brauwer <> no
70_bts508556_xml_support.patch Enable XML support
diff -urNad sloccount~/break_filelist sloccount/break_filelist
Elie De Brauwer <> no
80_bts502880_javascript_support.patch add javascript support
diff --git a/break_filelist b/break_filelist
index f52d3d8..a0c0b4c 100755
no debian upstream,

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