Debian Patches

Status for slony1-2/2.2.11-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
02_doc-make.patch Build html twice to get index. no
04_no-rpath.patch no rpath in binaries for Debian no
07_sample.patch Adjust sample to work around Debian's different Unix domain-socket configuration.

no-client-log.patch The feature that is disabled where wants the altperl tools to write to the
system log directory whenever they run. This doesn't work because of

manpage-build.patch Build man pages with docbook2x instead of docbook-utils. It gives better
results this way. See also
build-backend-separately.patch Don't build the shared library module in the main build, since we
rebuild it for all supported server versions anyway. That way we
don't need to put a specific server version into --with-pgpkglibdir=
for the main build.
tests-run_test no
reproducible-build no

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