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asset_path_changes fix the paths to javascript files We're using javascript libraries from debian packages instead of the ones
vendored by upstream. Because of this some paths to libraries might differ a
Some folks are still using URLs of the form /cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi (which was
used up until buster). In order for css and js to be able to load with this
URL, we need to use our top-level alias to retrieve them.
Antoine Beaupr <> not-needed 2019-08-25
fix-perl-lib fix path for perl libs Debian packages drop libraries in a different place than upstream not-needed 2019-02-10
fix-paths-inside-executables hardcode the path to the config file in CGI
Antoine Beaupr <> not-needed 2019-02-16
fix-conf-paths use Debian paths instead of silly ones
proper-sample-conf setup a proper sample configuration This disables slaves and setups targets that are sure to work (no
slaves, localhost). It also sets up utf8

Antoine Beaupr <> not-needed 2019-02-10
fix_curl_probe.patch Curl's help text changed format Fix issue caused by curl 7.74 and later shortening default help Mat Ellis <> yes debian upstream
dont_build_third_party_js.patch Don't build js libraries from third parties These 3rd party libraries are getting excluded from the source through
repacking since we instead include those from the debian packages that already
exists for them. The build shouldn't try and process the non-existent files.
Gabriel Filion <> not-needed (upstream|backport|vendor|other), (<patch-url>|commit:<commit-id>)

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