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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
00-Manpage Port manpage fixes to and add new ones
Originally made by Chris Taylor <> and modified
by Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <>
Vasyl Gello <> not-needed
01-Index Generate index page for doc-base compatibility. Chris Taylor <> no 2010-02-10
03-Truncate Error instead of warn on address truncation. Chris Taylor <> no
06-socat.1.patch diff --git a/doc/socat.1 b/doc/socat.1
index 7137fd0..d2b3cad 100644
07-compat-define-PATH_MAX.patch Have compat.h define PATH_MAX if undefined
This solves the build problem on Hurd. Not sure if this approach,
replacing all PATH_MAX usages with UNIX_PATH_MAX is better.
Or even if it would be possible to rewrite all users of both of
them to not rely on PATH_MAX at all. Oh well, this builds...
(no other testing done.)
Andreas Henriksson <> no no
09-xioinitialize.c.patch no
10-error.c-buffer-overflow-in-msg2.patch [PATCH 1/1] error.c: buffer overflow in msg2()
A buffer overrun in msg2() was observed when executing the HOSTNAMEOVFL

If strncpy() truncates a string it does not append a terminating NUL
character. Insert a NUL character after the destination area.
This ensures that strchr() will stop at the end of the string.
Heinrich Schuchardt <> invalid 2024-01-05

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