Debian Patches

Status for solfege/3.23.4-12

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
xsltproc-nonet.patch Prevent internet access by xsltproc Tom Cato Amundsen <> not-needed
do-not-run-xmllint.patch don't run xmllint to fix FTBFS Tom Cato Amundsen <> not-needed debian
test-py-xvfb-run.patch run tests with xvfb-run to not require a real X server Tom Cato Amundsen <> not-needed
autoconf_warnings.patch Fix warnings during autoreconf, which caused build failure Reiner Herrmann <> yes
honour_cppflags.patch Honour CPPFLAGS to support additional (hardening) flags Reiner Herrmann <> yes
fix_css.patch Fixes deprecation warnings with recent GTK+ versions Reiner Herrmann <> yes
hidden_menubar.patch with recent gtk+ versions, the menubar text is not visibile As a workaround another container (HBox) is used. Reiner Herrmann <> yes upstream
reproducible-build.patch Sort list of .po files for deterministic output order Reiner Herrmann <> yes
add_keywords_to_desktop_file.diff Add Keywords entry to the desktop file. Francois Mazen <> yes upstream
fix_lilypond_eps_file_mismatch.diff Fix the mismatch of intermediate eps filename when generating theory-intervals-seconds.png and theory-intervals-seconds-1.png in parallel. This issue lead to reproducible issue and sometimes wrong generation of png files. Francois Mazen <> yes upstream
add_comment_to_desktop_file.diff Add Comment entry to the desktop file. Francois Mazen <> yes upstream
fix_webbrowser_register_issue.diff Fix webbrowser registration issue with python 3.7.2. See Bug#920639. Francois Mazen <> yes upstream
fix_tex2any_encoding.diff Fix the encoding issue when tex2any parses topdocs/* files.
Francois Mazen <> no
fix_python3_warning.diff Fix python3 warning, see Bug#955170. Francois Mazen <> yes upstream
generate_doc_with_itstool.diff Generate documentation with itstool instead of deprecated gnome-doc-utils Francois Mazen <> no upstream
check_solfege-doc_before_launching_help.diff Check that solfege-doc package is installed before launching the browser. Francois Mazen <> not-needed
fix_unversioned_python.diff Replace unversioned python call to explicit python3 Francois Mazen <> not-needed upstream
use_help_in_usr_share_doc.diff Use html help files installed in /usr/share/doc/solfege folder. Francois Mazen <> not-needed
set_gtk_version.diff Import Gtk 3.0 explicitly to avoid mismatch with other Gtk version. Francois Mazen <> no

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