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Status for spectrwm/3.5.1-2

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backport/Set-DesktopNames-in-xsession-configuration.patch Set DesktopNames in xsession configuration
Login managers that use xsession files will parse this key and
set $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP accordingly. That environment variable,
in turn, will influence other components that can exhibit
desktop-specific behavior.

(cherry picked from commit 4b0a23c7017d7ffc4b5436e58b738e45d466ed64)
Andrea Bolognani <> not-needed 2024-01-13
debian/Adapt-libswmhack.patch Adapt libswmhack
libswmhack tries to dlopen() and, but on Debian
those are symlinks shipped in the corresponding -dev package.

Use the versioned library names, and,
instead. This ensures that libswmhack will work with just the
runtime packages installed.
Andrea Bolognani <> yes debian upstream 2009-11-02
debian/Change-default-programs.patch Change default programs
x-terminal-emulator is the best default for a terminal emulator on
Debian, and xlock is not available at all.
Andrea Bolognani <> not-needed 2009-03-24
debian/Update-documentation.patch Update documentation
Document the Debian-specific defaults and paths instead of the
upstream ones.
Andrea Bolognani <> not-needed 2024-02-10

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