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disable-failing-test-listen.patch skip unreliable flaky test-listen This test is failing in automated build environment that strip user
environments. After a few tries to export $HOME for the test and picking it
up we now disable the test "test-listen".
Note: in a local sbuild chroot (which passes a user) it runs just fine.
Note: We still build the test to catch issues that would happen at that step.
no debian 2021-09-30
do-not-run-nonexisting-doxygen-sh.patch disable running non-existing ./ in
For some reason upstream's ends up with run_target( ./ ),
but is not in the upstream source tarball and is not being generated
either. This is catched by meson 0.59, but not, eg, 0.56, for some weird reason,
so this line apparently went unnoticed. Comment it out for now.
Michael Tokarev <> no 2021-10-01
meson-omit-meson-dist.patch meson: omit meson-dist file
Upstream tarball does not have build-aus/meson-dist script
which is required by It is only used to make
the tarball itself (plus .tarball_version). Just comment
out the whole line till upstream fixes their mess.

diff --git a/ b/
index ef8b41ad..06c6f739 100644
Michael Tokarev <> no

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