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Status for squeekboard/1.24.0-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Cargo.deps.newer-update-for-gtk-rs-0.18.patch Cargo.deps.newer: update for gtk-rs 0.17
Modified by Peter Michael Green for version 0.18 of rust gtk stack.
Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2023-06-27
0002-src-popover-fix-build-with-newer-gtk-rs.patch src: popover: fix build with newer gtk-rs
`gtk-rs` v0.16+ no longer exposes the internal fields of the
`gtk::Rectangle` struct, mandating the use of the `new()` function
Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2023-06-27
0003-src-style-fix-build-with-newer-gtk-rs.patch src: style: fix build with newer gtk-rs
`gtk::Settings::property()` no longer returns a `Result` but instead
panics if the property doesn't exist. In order to work around this
change without affecting the surrounding code too much, this patch
modifies the `prop` function so we can avoid panics and wrap the
property value into a `Result` as was previously the case.
Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2023-06-27
0004-Cargo.-use-xkbcommon-v0.5.patch Cargo.*: use xkbcommon v0.5 for "newer" builds
Debian now provides `rust-xkbcommon` v0.5, so let's use this as the
base version for our use-case.
Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2023-06-27
0005-replace-continue-with-controlflow.patch Replace "Continue" with "ControlFlow" Peter Michael Green <> no 2023-10-05
0006-priority-constants-glib-rs-0.18.patch "Priority" constants for glib-rs 0.18 Peter Michael Green <> no 2023-10-05

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