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Status for starjava-connect/0.1+2020.10.01-2

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Fix-build.xml-for-use-outside-of-starjava.patch Fix build.xml for use outside of starjava
This includes the following changes:

* Rename the `extclasspath` elements to `path`. With ant >= 1.6, there is no
difference (and before, the difference was not relevant for Debian)

* Ignore local property files

* Change the starlink installation dir to the standard Java path /usr/share/java/

* Prefix the name by `starlink-`

* Adjust the build and test classpaths for Debian (also for CI tests)

* Set a class path in the jar manifest

* Set the source file encoding (cp1252), but not the source version (deprecated)

* Don't sign the jarfile
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-02-16
Make-starjava-connect-reproducible.patch Make starjava-connect reproducible Snahil Singh <> no 2018-11-07

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