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Status for stk/4.6.2+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Rename-demo-to-stk-demo.patch Rename demo to stk-demo Felipe Sateler <> no 2015-09-21
0002-Link-against-system-s-shared-copies-of-rtaudio-and-r.patch Link against system's shared copies of rtaudio and rtmidi. Alessio Treglia <> no 2015-09-21
0003-File-endian.h-is-not-on-machine-subdir.patch File endian.h is not on machine subdir Felipe Sateler <> no 2015-09-21
0004-demo-needs-rt.patch Only build demo program when realtime is enabled Felipe Sateler <> no 2016-07-23
0005-Sort-o-files Fix order of .o files
Allows the build to be reproducible
=?utf-8?q?Alexis_Bienven=C3=BCe?= <> no 2016-07-23
0006-Do-not-override-user-supplied-CXXFLAGS.patch Do not override user-supplied CXXFLAGS
Prepend local flags to that
Felipe Sateler <> no 2016-07-23
0007-demo-use-RAWWAVE_PATH-instead-of-hardcoded-string.patch demo: use RAWWAVE_PATH instead of hardcoded string Felipe Sateler <> no 2017-03-29

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