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Status for stunnel4/3:5.72-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-fix-paths.patch Update the installation directories. Change @prefix@/... to @localstatedir@ or @sysconfdir@ as appropriate
to comply with the FHS
Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <> not-needed 2016-07-06
02-rename-binary.patch Change references to the binary from stunnel to stunnel4 Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <> not-needed 2018-12-06
03-runas-user.patch Change the default user the binary will run as to stunnel4 Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <> not-needed 2015-06-13
05-sample-sysconfdir.patch Properly expand @sysconfdir@ in the sample config. Peter Pentchev <> yes debian 2022-03-19
06-no-openssl-version-check-autopkgtest.patch Disable OpenSSL version checks on autopkgtests During its test suite, this package checks that it runs using the same OpenSSL
version it's been compiled with. While this is somewhat reasonable in a
development or building context, this approach breaks when trying to run the
test suite to check for regressions against a new ABI-compatible version of libssl.
This patch tries to detect such an environment and removes the checks for it
Simon Chopin <> not-needed debian 2024-02-14
07-reproducible-build.patch Make the build reproducible Chris Lamb <> not-needed 2023-12-19
08-smtp-ehlo.patch Send an extended "hello" to the SMTP server After establishing a TLS session, send an EHLO command,
not a HELO one, and swallow the multiline server reply.
This helps with some SMTP servers that seem to require
the client to negotiate extended SMTP features before using
them, and that will only allow e.g. an AUTH command if
EHLO has been sent.
Peter Pentchev <> yes 2024-04-09

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