Debian Patches

Status for sunclock/3.57-12

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_emx_directory.patch Place emx in LIBDIR instead of SHAREDIR Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2006-07-02
04_dont_strip_emx.patch Do not strip emx in Imakefile install (Closes: #438076). Roland Rosenfeld <> no debian 2007-08-18
06_CET-1CDT.patch Fix timezones for Budapest, Warsaw, Bratislava and the Torun Radiotelescope from CET-2CDT to CET-1CDT (Closes: #438761). Roland Rosenfeld <> no debian 2007-09-09
07_zlib_largefile_workaround.patch Workaround for zlib.h bug, which requires _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE if _FILE_OFFSET_BITS is set to 64 (see #439980) (Closes: #438924) Roland Rosenfeld <> no debian 2007-09-09
08_manpage_hyphen.patch Fix hyphen used as minus sign in man page. Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2008-06-14
09_manpage_typo.patch fix typos in man page. Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2017-12-22
10_hurd_MAXPATHLEN.patch MAXPATHLEN is undefined in Hurd, so define it if necessary Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2012-03-05
11_fix-str-fmt.patch fix str fmt Funda Wang <> no 2017-12-22
13_emx_hardening.patch Change editkit/Imakefile to not overwrite CFLAGS, which are required for harding options. Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2012-05-19
14_donotinstall_vmf.patch Do not install earthmaps/vmf/*.vmf in install target. Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2015-11-24
15_time.patch do not define extern time() but use it from time.h Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2015-11-25
16_implicit_declaration.patch Add #include <string.h> to avoid implicit declaration of memcpy() Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2017-12-22
17_pointer-to-int-cast.patch Avoid "cast from pointer to integer of different size" warnings. Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2017-12-22
18_init_hstrip.patch Initialize hstrip, otherwise clockgeom option may fail. Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2017-12-22
19_version.patch fix version number, since this is 3.57. Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2019-01-19
20_zlibpointer.patch Fix incorrect type usage, zlib's gzFile is already a pointer type. Don't use data read from file as a format string (obvious security issue). Jeremie Courreges-Anglas <> no 2022-03-11
21_time_t.patch Fix type of time Christian Weisgerber <> no 2022-03-11
22_README_pl.utf-8.patch Convert README_pl from iso-8859-2 to utf-8 Roland Rosenfeld <> no 2022-12-09

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