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Status for syslinux/3:6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0000-unreleased-changelog.patch Include changes since 6.03 in the changelog Lukas Schwaighofer <> not-needed 2018-11-25
0002-gfxboot-menu-label.patch Allow boot entry to start with label instead of menu_label.
menu_ptr->menu_label is human-readable (perhaps even translatable!) text if
the MENU LABEL command is used, which isn't very convenient at the start of
a boot entry. Allow the entry to start with menu_ptr->label (an
identifier) as an alternative.
Colin Watson <> no 2011-11-02
0004-gnu-efi-from-debian.patch Link against gnu-efi from Debian
Adjust EFIINC, LIBDIR and LIBEFI variables in mk/ to point to the
files installed by Debian's gnu-efi package.
- The LIBDIR path depends on the build hosts' architecture, so the
DEB_HOST_ARCH variable needs to be exported to determine the correct
Lukas Schwaighofer <> not-needed 2017-10-03
0005-gnu-efi-version-compatibility.patch Strip memtest and memcpy from libefi
Repack libefi.a to not contain the memset and memcpy symbols to make sure the
implementation from syslinux is used and no multiple symbol definitions are
Lukas Schwaighofer <> no 2019-05-06
0016-strip-gnu-property.patch Strip the section for the mbr
This section is added since binutils Debian version 2.31.1-2 and causes mbr.bin
to grow in size beyond what can fit into the master boot record.
Lukas Schwaighofer <> yes 2018-08-18
0017-single-load-segment.patch Force the linker to put all sections into a single PT_LOAD segment
This is required when using binutils >= 2.31 which writes two PT_LOAD segments
by default. This is not supported by the wrapper.c script used to convert the
shared object into an elf binary.
Lukas Schwaighofer <> yes 2018-08-18
0018-prevent-pow-optimization.patch Prevent optimizing the pow() function
With the current GCC 8.2.0 from Debian, a section of code calling pow() in
zzjson_parse.c is turned into a sequence calling exp(). Since no exp()
implementation is available in syslinux those optimizations need to be
Lukas Schwaighofer <> no 2019-02-26
0019-gcc-10-compatibility.patch GCC-10 compatibility patch
* Add `-fcommon` to most gcc invocations to allow duplicate definitions
* __builtin_strlen is not really a "builtin" an implementation still
needs to be provided (source: Work around the
issue by supplying an inline function. The strlen function added to
dos/string.h was copied from com32/lib/strlen.c.
Lukas Schwaighofer <> no 2020-08-16

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