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0001-Disable-test-not-working-on-i386.patch Disable test not working on i386
get_asm_string function does not compile with GCC on i386 and thus makes
the testsuite fail on i386. This is a testism so it is fine do simply
disable the test on such platform while upstream fixes it.
Thomas Preud'homme <> no vendor 2018-02-21
0002-Disable-stack-protector-in-runtime-library.patch Disable stack protector in runtime library
tcc fails to run when compiled by itself and its runtime library was
built with any variant of -fstack-protector. This is why test3 fails
when libtcc1.a is build with -fstack-protector.
Thomas Preud'homme <> no vendor 2018-02-24
0003-Prevent-dead-code-on-x86-in-prepare_dynamic_rel.patch Prevent dead code on !x86 in prepare_dynamic_rel
In prepare_dynamic_rel() on non x86 targets the count++ statements
appear before any case label and are therefore dead code. This triggers
build failure when building with -Werror. This patch adds an extra guard
around all the x86 case labels and their associated action, leaving just
the default case label for non x86 targets which builds fine.
Thomas Preud'homme <> yes vendor 2018-02-24

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