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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
libdb Upgrades tcpprof to use Berkeley DB 5.1 Upstream version uses Berkeley DB 1.0, which is old and no longer
available in debian repositories. This patch changes tcpprof in order
for it to use version 5.1 of the library. It alsos change bdb version
requirements in accordingly.

diff --git a/ b/
index bb56ea3..fcd48e4 100644
Rafael Cunha de Almeida <> invalid debian 2010-04-14
extraneous-re-warning Fix groff warning groff warns about extraneous Re in both tcpprof.1 and tcpstat.1. This
patch removes the offending line.

diff --git a/doc/tcpprof.1 b/doc/tcpprof.1
index eac1efa..52a455f 100644
Rafael Cunha de Almeida <> no 2010-04-24
kfreebsd Fix build configuration to work in Debian GNU/kfreebsd. Debian GNU/kfreebsd defaults to posix interface, just like linux. This
patch defines _BSD_SOURCE in gnu/kfreebsd systems.
Rafael Cunha de Almeida <> invalid 2010-05-16
fix-doc-spelling Fix spelling in documentation There are a few spelling errors in manpages and Tips_and_Tricks.txt
file. This patch takes cares of those. Also, lintian reports the use of
an hyphen instead of a minus in a few points of the manpage, this patch
fixes that as well.

diff --git a/doc/tcpstat.1 b/doc/tcpstat.1
index 10cfcce..be60b1a 100644
Rafael Cunha de Almeida <> invalid 2010-12-01

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