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Status for thinkfan/1.3.1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-rcscripts-drop-start-check.patch Drop start check Don't use the start check in /etc/default/thinkfan, as this doesn't work well
with systemd units without changes. Instead, disable the service on sysv init
and systemd, and document in /usr/share/doc/thinkfan/README.Debian how to
enable it.
Evgeni Golov <> not-needed 2023-01-14
0002-rcscripts-load-defaults-for-systemd.patch Source /etc/default/thinkfan for systemd unit Evgeni Golov <> not-needed 2023-01-14
0003-no-usr-lib-systemd.patch Install systemd units to /lib/systemd/system/ See here for a rationale
("Moratorium on moving files' logical locations into /usr"):
Evgeni Golov <> not-needed 2023-01-14
0004-fix-sleep-path.patch fix path of `sleep` command Lee Garrett <> yes 2023-03-03
0005-fix-manpage-section.patch Fix section in man page header Lee Garrett <> yes 2023-01-14
0006-fix-ftbfs-riscv64.patch Fix FTBFS on RISC-V Bo YU <> yes 2023-01-14
0007-systemd-unit.patch Add Documentation field to systemd unit Lee Garrett <> yes 2023-03-03

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