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Status for tidy-html5/2:5.6.0-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-CMakeLists-Use-GNUInstallDirs-module.patch CMakeLists: Use GNUInstallDirs module Boyuan Yang <> no 2018-09-21
0002-Separate-source-and-shared-library-version.patch Separate source and shared library version =?utf-8?b?T25kxZllaiBTdXLDvQ==?= <> no 2018-10-16
0003-Issue-656-protect-against-NULL-node-set-in-loop.patch Issue #656 - protect against NULL node set in loop Geoff McLane <> no 2017-12-16
0004-Issue-655-Fix-unsafe-use-of-output-buffer-as-input-p.patch Issue #655 - Fix unsafe use of output buffer as input param Geoff McLane <> no 2017-12-16
0005-Issue-663-Retain-compatibility-with-gcc-2.95.patch Issue #663 - Retain compatibility with gcc 2.95 Geoff McLane <> no 2017-12-23
0006-Issue-684-Update-language_en.h.patch Issue #684 - Update language_en.h
If set to YES, then DON'T print out comments.
(cherry picked from commit 95af5ad39aea84518e8231f9b5dae59131939dff)
=?utf-8?b?56mN5Li55bC8IERhbiBKYWNvYnNvbg==?= <> no 2018-03-03
0007-Issue-679-Fix-invalid-output-of-export-config.patch Issue #679 - Fix invalid output of -export-config Geoff McLane <> no 2018-02-19
0008-Issue-686-Add-attr-COLOR-to-W3CAttrsFor_LINK.patch Issue #686 - Add attr COLOR to W3CAttrsFor_LINK Geoff McLane <> no 2018-03-08
0009-Issue-698-Minor-update-to-man-page-documentation.patch Issue #698 - Minor update to man page documentation Boyuan Yang <> no 2018-11-14
0010-Issue-700-change-script-parsing-if-in-html5-mode.patch Issue #700 - change script parsing if in html5 mode Geoff McLane <> no 2018-03-23
0011-Revert-Remove-unnecessary-AdjustConfig-logic.patch Revert "Remove unnecessary AdjustConfig logic."
While this looks like a code cleanup, it causes issues in PHP 7+
and python-tidylib. This is also reverted upstream in commit

This reverts commit 86e62dbb709b306ec41dc88fd55decfe6893f262.
Dmitry Shachnev <> no 2018-10-27
0012-Issue-697-Add-NOWRAP-to-print-of-pre-tag.patch Issue #697 - Add NOWRAP to print of pre tag Geoff McLane <> no 2018-03-20
0013-Issue-712-Make-global-attribute-dir-accept-auto-for-.patch Issue #712 - Make global attribute `dir` accept auto for HTML5 Doron Behar <> no 2018-04-04

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