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Status for tircd/0.30-4.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
digest_sha.patch Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 Digest::SHA1 is not available in Debian, but Digest::SHA is shipped with perl
> 5.9, so we use that.
Michael Stapelberg <> no
default_config.patch default config: store data in /var/lib The default config which tircd ships needs to be changed by the user,
otherwise all data will not survive cleaning /tmp (when rebooting, for
example). This patch changes the storage_path to be /var/lib/tircd.
Michael Stapelberg <> no
logging.patch Log to file Make tircd log to file by default. Michael Stapelberg <> no
spelling.patch Fix spelling errors found by Lintian Axel Beckert <> no

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