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Status for tkinspect/5.1.6p10-6.1

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paned-window.patch Patch incorporates two upstream changes in the project CVS repository. The changelog entries are:
Sun Jun 22 22:15:38 2003 Pat Thoyts <>
* tkinspect.tcl: Ensure the correct name is registered under X
Windows Tk so that traces work here too.
Sat Jun 21 22:35:03 2003 Pat Thoyts <>
* tkinspect.tcl: Merged in patch for paned views suppplied by
Alexander Caldwell <>.
* lists.tcl: Also from AC's patch - added a horizontal scroll bar
to the view windows.
* tkinspect.tcl: Flattened various GUI items to improve the appearance
Upstream no
ttk-background.patch Ttk widgets don't have -background option, so this patch does set the introspected widget background tempororily only if the
widget actually supports this option.
Sergei Golovan yes upstream

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