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Status for torbrowser-launcher/0.3.7-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
po/01-Update-Hungarian-translation.patch Update Hungarian translation Charles Barcza <> not-needed 2018-09-23
po/02-Remove-mention-of-modem-sound-in-docs-and-translatio.patch Remove mention of modem sound in docs and translation po files Roger Shimizu <> no 2018-11-11
po/03-Add-Chinese-Traditional-translation.patch Add Chinese (Traditional) translation
(cherry picked from commit 3fa7eca4136164df278cb2c131bd620677d95dbb)
Koala Yeung <> not-needed 2020-04-22
01-Remove-use-of-deprecated-platform.dist-fixes-446.patch Remove use of deprecated platform.dist() (fixes #446)
platform.dist was deprecated a while ago and finally removed in Python
3.8. It was only used for a workaround for issue #128 (and #215) which
is no longer necessary, so just remove the use altogether.
Milkey Mouse <> yes 2020-05-10
02-Update-apparmor-profile.patch Update apparmor profile Roger Shimizu <> no 2021-04-25
03-Remove-extra-override-for-X11-sockets.patch Remove extra override for X11 sockets
The regression in X11 abstractions has been fixed in upstream apparmor, and is being patched in the next few days or so in Impish and eventually Hirsute.

(cherry picked from commit 101a071d79e9d0062af3fa400c8b79b0becd049f)
Thomas Ward <> not-needed 2021-06-30
04-upstream-metadata-developer-info.patch Add upstream developer_name to metadata not-needed upstream, 2024-02-23
05-Add-IBus-socket-access.patch Add IBus socket access
When abstractions/dbus-session is included in the apparmor profile, Tor Browser does not have keyboard input working for some reason. Allowing access to the IBus socket fixes this.
Daniel Rusek <> no 2024-05-09

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