Debian Patches

Status for troffcvt/1.04+repack1-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
imake-debian.patch Configure Imake for Debian Ben Pfaff <> no 2022-12-16
time-h.patch Change <sys/time.h> to <time.h> Colin Watson <> no debian 2022-12-16
groff-1.17-macro-naming.patch Cope with groff 1.17's macro file name changes Colin Watson <> no 2022-12-16
msub-includes.patch msub: Avoid manual prototypes Colin Watson <> no debian 2022-12-16
WRPRC-do-not-strip-binaries.patch WRPRC: Don't strip binaries on "make install" Colin Watson <> no debian 2022-12-16
string-h.patch Always include <string.h>
I don't know how to fix the Imake configuration to detect it properly.
Colin Watson <> no 2022-12-16
remove-linux-pmac-config.patch Remove config/linux-pmac.p-cf
This served only to interfere with our attempts to set groff's macro
path correctly on powerpc.
Colin Watson <> no 2022-12-16
tbl-separator-characters.patch Fix handling of tbl separator characters
... that also happen to be Perl regex metacharacters.
Lars Helgeland <> no debian 2022-12-16
WRPRC-ar-cq.patch WRPRC: Make ar command compatible with binutils 2.36 Logan Rosen <> no debian 2022-12-16
remove-undefined-macros.patch Remove undefined macros from manual pages Colin Watson <> no debian 2022-12-16

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