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Status for unar/1.10.7+ds1+really1.10.1-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-crashes.patch Import upstream's commits to fix crashes.
yes upstream, 2017-03-23
CSInputBuffer-bit-string-reading.patch Proper fix for CSInputBuffer bit string reading. YOSHINO Yoshihito <> no 2017-06-10
gnustep-support.patch Fix FTBFS by missing GNUSTEP header. YOSHINO Yoshihito <> no 2017-06-04
proper-init-autoreleasepool.patch Proper init NSAutoreleasePool to avoid FTBFS. YOSHINO Yoshihito <> no 2017-06-04
document-undocumented-options.patch Document undocumented options lsar's -L and -v options and unar's -v option are not documented in
their respective manual pages, so do so.

Matt Kraai <> yes upstream 2014-12-15
use-system-wavpack.patch Use the system wavpack library Use the system wavpack library instead of the embedded one so that if
wavpack has a security vulnerability, unar doesn't have to be
Matt Kraai <> no 2012-09-06
pass-cppflags-for-fortify-functions.patch Pass CPPFLAGS to use hardening flags, fortify functions. Julián Moreno Patiño <> yes 2016-05-27
remove-build-date.patch Remove build date from binaries In order to make unar build reproducibly, we remove the build date
from the binaries. In the context of Debian these dates give no
extra information.
Jrmy Bobbio <> no

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