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Status for unicap/0.9.12+repack20150328.0.git2c600ae-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1003_vid21394_pointer.patch Use a variable for return-by-reference Miriam Ruiz <> yes Debian 2020-07-27
1001_printf_warning.patch Fixed format specifiers for printf() Miriam Ruiz <> yes Debian 2020-07-27
1005_tidy_gettext.patch Fix update list of gettext source files Jonas Smedegaard <> yes 2012-06-23
1009_v4l1.patch Point #include statements to the new location of the V4L1 headers as they are no longer provided by the kernel. Alessio Treglia <> yes debian
1010_libv4l2.h_includes.patch Fix implicit pointer conversions in v4l2 macros Fix implicit pointer conversions by including libv4l2.h so we
have its prototypes available to our macros (closes: #678718)
Adam Conrad <> yes debian 2012-06-23
1011_euvccam_implicit_decls.patch Fix implicit function declarations in cpi/euvccam Adam Conrad <> yes 2012-06-23
1012_gtkdoc_sourcedir.patch drop '--source-dir' from DOC_SOURCE_DIR modern gtkdocize Makefile snippets automatically add this flag.
having it preset in the original variable, will double set it, leading to FTBFS
IOhannes m zmölnig yes 2017-10-03
1013_unicap_queue_t.patch Fix linking errors with multiply defined symbols Multiple header files define the same variable, which is nowhere actually used. IOhannes m zmölnig yes Debian 2020-07-27

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