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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1001_shlibs.patch no
1002_flock_fix_syslog_args.patch no
1003_fix_zero_len_when_mail_fetch_body_is_empty.patch Properly zero out len when mail_fetch_body() returns an empty string Vladimir Kolesnikov no debian Vladimir Kolesnikov, 2011-07-28
1004_support_rfc5464_METADATA.patch Implement support for IMAP extension METADATA (rfc5464) Provides get/set ANNOTATIONS support to the c-client library.
[Version: 2006j2]
no debian 2012-04-07
2002_mailspool.patch no
2004_no_binaries_below_etc.patch no
2010_disallow_escaping_home.patch no
2011_disable_version_check.patch Disable version check The version check in mail_versioncheck(), called via #include "linkage.c",
Prevents new versions of the shared library to be used without rebuilding
all applications, even if there wouldn't be any other problems doing so.
Package dependencies, SONAME, and Debian's build system make sure that
a compatible version will be loaded; therefore we remove this check.
Magnus Holmgren <> no debian
2012_krb5_multidev.patch Depend on krb5-multidev rather than libkrb5-dev. Magnus Holmgren <> no debian
1005_poll.patch Use poll(2) instead of select(2) to support more than 1024 file descriptors
diff --git a/src/osdep/unix/os_lnx.c b/src/osdep/unix/os_lnx.c
index 03fd17d..671bbd6 100644
David Duncan Ross Palmer <> no debian
1006_openssl1.1_autoverify.patch Support OpenSSL 1.1 When building with OpenSSL 1.1 and newer, use the new built-in
hostname verification instead of code that doesn't compile due to
structs having been made opaque.
no debian
2013_disable_rsh.patch no
2014_openssl1.1.1_sni.patch Google IMAP servers require SNI if TLSv1.3 is used,
otherwise it sends a self-signed certificate which
fails validation.

OpenSSL support/versions:
- TLSv1.3 on 1.1.1,
- a2i_IPADDRESS() on 0.9.8'ish,
- SSL_set_tlsext_host_name() on 0.9.8'ish/1.0.0;
per 'git blame/describe' and the CHANGES file.

So check for TLSv1.3 support / OpenSSL 1.1.1
not to incur behavior changes on pre-TLSv1.3,
and set host_name to 'host' (ssl_open_verify()
validates this, via 'ssl_last_host' variable)

This patch just combines these two patches:
- BTS#916041 (message #5) by Ed Spiridonov,
- LP#1834340 (comment #6) by David Zuelke.

Mauricio Faria de Oliveira <> no debian

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