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Status for visualboyadvance/1.8.0.dfsg-5.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
02_amd64_build_fix.patch Fixes build on amd64. Jose Carlos Medeiros <> no
03_translation_swedish.patch Swedish po translations. Jose Carlos Medeiros <> no
04_fix_gtk_with_DBKPT_SUPPORT.patch Enable console output (-DBKPT_SUPPORT). Jose Carlos Medeiros <> no
01_use_dot_dir.patch Use a .vba dir to store all screen captures, save states and batteries. Jose Carlos Medeiros <> no
05_translation_brazilian.patch Brazilian Portuguese po translations. Jose Carlos Medeiros <> no
07_update_autoconf_macros.patch Update autoconf macros Jose Carlos Medeiros <> no
08_gvba_load_gb_rom.patch Fix GB ROM loading in gvba Javier Serrano Polo <> no
09_deprecatedsigc++.patch Inject deprecated libsigc++ code.From
Kjang Gwreuung-Kuq no
10_fix_typecast.patch Make the parameter list in the typecase actually match the one in thevariable it's assigned to. <> no
11_libpng1.5.patch Fix FTBFS with libpng 1.5 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> no
12_vba-linux-sdl.patch Alphard no debian
13_debugger_format.patch Fix format string bug in debugging code Etienne Millon <> no
14_dont_rebuild_po_files.patch Don't rebuild *.po files
There is already an embedded vba.pot copy in the po/ directory. Re-creating it
makes the package fail to build twice in a row because the *.po files are then
Etienne Millon <> no
15_100percentbug.patch Fix 100% CPU usage on SDL
diff --git a/src/gtk/window.cpp b/src/gtk/window.cpp
index ea00154..ab6c5e3 100644
Matthew Harvey <> no debian
16_sigcompat.patch Remove deprecated header in sigccompat.h
libsigc++ 2.5.2 removed the <sigc++/object.h> header as it was useless.
Removing the #include directive makes the build succeed with later versions of
Etienne Millon <> no
17_expr_namespace_include.patch Do not include C headers within a namespace
This breaks the build with GCC 6.

diff --git a/src/expr.cpp b/src/expr.cpp
index 25c68f6..389800d 100644
Etienne Millon <> no debian
18_debugger_typo.patch Fix a typo in debugger output Etienne Millon <> no
19_i18n-is-independent-from-gtk.patch i18n is independent from gtk Etienne Millon <> no 2017-12-28

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