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Status for vlfeat/0.9.21+full-2.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Fixed-a-typo-in-the-Makefile-using-default-CPPFLAGS.patch Fixed a typo in the Makefile, using default CPPFLAGS Dima Kogan <> no 2014-10-16
0002-removed-bogus-commas-in-the-Makefile.patch removed bogus commas in the Makefile Dima Kogan <> no 2013-11-06
0003-the-DSO-now-has-an-SONAME.patch the DSO now has an SONAME Dima Kogan <> no 2013-11-06
0004-removed-unneeded-RPATH-from-the-.mex-files.patch removed unneeded RPATH from the .mex files Dima Kogan <> no 2013-11-07
0005-octave-make-clean-now-works-properly.patch octave 'make clean' now works properly
Two fixes:

1. 'make clean' now always cleans up octave stuff, even if octave builds are
off. This works to clean up from previous runs
2. octave now cleans up its .o files
Dima Kogan <> no 2013-11-07
0006-the-mex-.d-file-generator-now-works.-It-has-include-.patch the mex .d file generator now works. It has include-path issues Dima Kogan <> no 2013-11-07
0007-removed-architecture-detection-logic.patch removed architecture detection logic
This isn't needed on debian, and builds were failing on i386 machines since the
detection was seeing a 64-bit system for some reason
Dima Kogan <> no 2013-11-22
0008-Removed-google-adsense-and-google-analytics-from-the.patch Removed google adsense and google analytics from the docs
This violated the user's privacy:
Dima Kogan <> no 2013-12-22
0009-I-disable-SSE2-and-AVX-to-work-on-Debian-s-wide-arra.patch I disable SSE2 and AVX to work on Debian's wide array of arches Dima Kogan <> no 2013-12-23
0011-Handling-new-target-of-mkoctfile-M-.-Closes-756222.patch Handling new target of 'mkoctfile -M'. (Closes: #756222) Dima Kogan <> no 2014-10-16
0012-octave-mex-compiler-now-looks-for-headers-in.patch octave mex compiler now looks for headers in .
This was required to build some files:

"/usr/bin/mkoctfile" \
-Itoolbox -M "./toolbox/imop/vl_imsmooth.c"
In file included from ./toolbox/imop/vl_imsmooth.c:164:0:
./toolbox/imop/vl_imsmooth.c:17:23: fatal error: vl/ No such file or directory
#include <vl/>
compilation terminated.
Dima Kogan <> no 2014-10-16
0013-I-don-t-try-to-define-mwSize-and-mwIndex-if-using-Oc.patch I don't try to define mwSize and mwIndex if using Octave
Octave already defines these
Dima Kogan <> no 2018-02-10
0014-Removed-unconditional-toolbox-doc-matlab-helpsearch-.patch Removed unconditional toolbox/doc/matlab/helpsearch-v3/segments.gen build rule

We already have a conditional one to build this only when using matlab
Dima Kogan <> no 2018-02-10
0015-Using-the-stock-getopt.patch Using the stock getopt Dima Kogan <> no 2018-02-10
0016-Using-the-local-mathjax.patch Using the local mathjax Dima Kogan <> no 2018-04-06
0017-Revert-host.h-Linux-GCC-require-old-GLIBC-version-on.patch Revert "host.h: Linux/GCC: require old GLIBC version only"
This reverts commit ef0f2fd26657c31e1b7f86069a3da5178fab59a4.

This was breaking builds on non-x86 platforms. Upstream says (in an email) that
this was intended to improve backwards compatibility in some way. As a distro,
we handle that ourselves
Dima Kogan <> no 2018-04-06
0018-Fixed-build-on-gcc-9.patch Fixed build on gcc-9
The openmp release used in GCC-9 treats const data in an incompatible way, and
kmeans.c was not building as a result. Here I explicitly mark a const varible as
shared on gcc-9 to make vlfeat build on that platform.

See the "OpenMP data sharing" section of
Dima Kogan <> no 2019-12-12
0019-Python-3.patch no

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