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01_scroll_notebook.patch With the addition of 043_notebook_scroll.patch in gtk+3.0, it is
possible to switch tabs with Alt+mouse wheel from anywhere on the
notebook. This patch prevents vte from interecepting the signal.

Corresponding GTK+ bug: GNOME #145244

02_meta.patch [PATCH] Map both gdk's Meta and Alt to vte's Meta for >=gtk+-3.2.2 compatibility

Also, since VTE_META_MASK is now a mask with multiple bits set, code that
compares gdk key modifiers to VTE_META_MASK by numerical equality is no
longer guaranteed to work. Therefore, for such comparisons a new function,
vte_keymap_fixup_modifiers, is introduced; it ensures that if any bits
matching VTE_META_MASK are set, then all are set.
Alexandre Rostovtsev <> no 2011-11-15
03_CVE-2012-2738.patch emulation: Limit integer arguments to 65535
To guard against malicious sequences containing excessively big numbers,
limit all parsed numbers to 16 bit range. Doing this here in the parsing
routine is a catch-all guard; this doesn't preclude enforcing
more stringent limits in the handlers themselves.
Christian Persch <> no 2012-05-19
04_CVE-2012-2738.patch emulation: Limit repetitions
Don't allow malicious sequences to cause excessive repetitions.
Christian Persch <> no 2012-05-19
25_optional-ncurses.patch =================================================================== no
60_termcap-home-end.patch no

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