Debian Patches

Status for w1retap/1.4.6-1.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
add-etc-w1retap-conf.patch Change location of default config file from /etc/default/w1retap to /etc/w1retap.conf Thomas Stewart <> no
remove-data-time-macro.patch Switch from __DATE__ and __TIME__ to BUILD_DATE macros for reproducibility Thomas Stewart <> no
movetmp.patch Move latest reading file from /tmp/.w1retap.dat to /var/lib/w1retap/.w1retap.dat Thomas Stewart <> no
fix-extra-braces.patch Removes extra braces allowing build on mips and mipsel Daniel Knezevic <> no debian
fix-timet.patch Switch w1->logtime conversion method so avoid using %ld format Thomas Stewart <> no
fix-autotools-pkg-config.patch Make pkg-config cross compilation safe Thomas Stewart <> no
fix-autotools-libxml2.patch Switch from xml2-config to pkg-config Thomas Stewart <> no debian
fix-owerr-spelling.patch fix spelling of occurred Thomas Stewart <> no
no-Werror.patch Don't build with -Werror Adrian Bunk <> no debian

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