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Status for wcc/0.0.2+dfsg-4.4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
reproductible_build.patch Remove compilation time timestamping in binary This patch make the binary reproductible by deleting the usage of
WTIME and WDATE in the binary version.
Philippe Thierry no 2020-01-06
binutils_shared.patch Make binutiles private shared library staticaly linked This patch correct Debian bug #949601, makin libbfd staticaly linked
to wcc and wld.
Philippe Thierry no 2020-01-06
portability.patch Add support for kernels others than Linux This support embedded a local implementation of elf-em.h.
This file simply defines a list of constants specifying target arch for ELF
binary. The constant name is specific to this file and Linux-specific.
Philippe Thierry no debian 2017-08-31
packaged_liblua.patch Using Debian packaged liblua instead of embedded one This patch deactivate the usage of locally hosted liblua sources
and use the Debian packaged one instead.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-06-20
readme.patch Deleted useless info on how to compile the tool Deleted usless information from the package, targeting compilation
and installation from PPA.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-05-25
scripts_corrections.patch Updated scripts shebang Updated wsh script to use proper shebang corresponding
to WCC installation.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-05-24
spelling_in_man.patch spelling corrections in man pages Various spelling corrections after spellintian pass
on man pages.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-05-23
debian_hardening.patch Add support for complete Debian hardening Support for including complementary CFLAGS from
Philippe Thierry no 2017-05-23
changelog.patch Add support for upstream ChangeLog This patch is used to be manually updated in order to
generate upstream changelog from upstream repository, based
on current tag.
This file is overridden by mkrelease target from debian/rules
Philippe Thierry no 2017-05-23
spelling_in_src.patch Correct various spelling error in sources This patch correct spelling error detected by spellintian
in the binary files.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-04-28
latex_build.patch Update doxygen header file to compile This patch correct a bug in doxygen when using custom header
including '\+' char in various places in the generated LaTeX
files. This patch declare the '\+' LaTeX command as an empty
command to avoid compilation failure.
Philippe Thierry no 2017-04-28
glibc.patch stropts.h is removed in new glibc. (See: # Gianfranco Costamagna <> no 2020-03-21

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