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Status for windowlab/1.40-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
10_makefile.patch Customize the included Makefile. Adjust directory paths as dictated by Debian policy.
Activate use of libXft. Also allow MWM hints for better
contemporary adaptions.
Add CPPFLAGS evaluation for hardened builds.
Do not instruct linker with '-L$(XROOT)/lib', nor compiler
with '-I$(XROOT)/include', but trust the system. In fact,
the linker flag is reported to lead to FTBFS on mips*.
Ansgar Burchardt <>
Mats Erik Andersson <>
Stan Vasilyev <> not-needed debian 2013-09-14
20_manpage.patch Enhance the supplied manual page. Additions to page header/footer: author, version, and section.
Proper encoding of hyphens.
Include a section on the menu subsystem.
Mention the recent SIGHUP signal handling.
Mats Erik Andersson <>
Stan Vasilyev <> not-needed 2010-04-09
30_root_focus.diff Restore initial pointer visibility. At start-up focus need not be visible with recent
servers. Explicitly setting a default cursor using
the CWCursor attribute resolves this issue.
Letting XSetInputFocus() inherit focus from the parent,
instead of setting RevertToNone, should cover for more
corner cases.
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid debian 2012-08-02

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