Debian Patches

Status for wml/2.32.0~ds1-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
removed-embedded-code-copies.diff Changes needed to cope with the removal of embedded code copies … and non-free docs Axel Beckert <> not-needed
add-wmd-map.diff Adds the file wml_frontend/ not-needed
wml_2.0.11ds1-0.4.diff Not yet triaged patches from wml_2.0.11ds1-0.4.diff.gz no
datadir-for-cmake-too.diff Patch cmake infrastructure to allow @INSTALLPRIVLIB@, too This extents part of the wml_2.0.11ds1-0.4.diff patch which added
@INSTALLPRIVLIB@ support to the main and the autotools infrastructure.
Axel Beckert <> no
dont-use-usr-bin-env.patch /usr/bin/env doesn't make sense on Debian and is strongly discouraged Axel Beckert <> not-needed
remove-non-used-lib-dirs.diff Removes non-used include paths Axel Beckert <> no 2020-07-05

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