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0001-Enable-multiarch-for-the-library.patch [PATCH 1/5] Enable multiarch for the library
The library install path is hardcoded which gets in the way of
enabling multiarch.

Fix this by respecting the standard CMAKE variable used to specify
library install location. This variable gets used during package
building to install the package to multiarch aware location.
Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-07
0002-Drop-dependency-on-source-repository-hash.patch [PATCH 2/5] Drop dependency on source repository hash
xir uses a hash of the top commit of the repository as library id. As
this id depends on the repository / branch it is not stable; a version
number should be used to represent library API version if required.

As the library id doesn't seem to be used, drop this function from the
library interface.
Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-07
0003-Install-cmake-files-in-multiarch-aware-locations.patch [PATCH 3/5] Install cmake files in multiarch aware locations Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-08 [PATCH 4/5] cmake/ Remove the build date from the embedded version.
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2022-02-13
0005-Don-t-build-with-Werror.patch Don't build with -Werror Thie frequently breaks when new gcc or OpenSSL versions bring new
Adrian Bunk <> no debian 2022-06-06

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