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Status for xonsh/0.15.1+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
unvendor-ply.patch upstream includes vendored ply, which is removed when repacking
but still listed in setup
Gordon Ball <> no 2019-06-19
documentation-fixes.patch Fix documentation issues
Removes the imgmath extension, (there appear to be no `.. math`
fields in the docs), removes the overwrite template which rewrites all
links to point to, removes the furo template (unpackage),
and disables the (unpackaged) runthis extension.
Gordon Ball <> no 2019-06-19
drop-webconfig.patch Patch out references to webconfig
Xonsh 0.9.14 added a webconfig app which was intended to replace the
existing CLI wizard. Unfortunately, this requires elm to build the
webapp which is not currently available in main. The webconfig source
has been dropped in Files-Excluded, this patch drops references to it
and reverts the xonfig banner to refer to the old wizard.
Gordon Ball <> no 2020-03-02
0006-Skip-tests-marked-flaky-upstream.patch Skip tests marked flaky upstream Gordon Ball <> no 2021-11-22
skip-pytest-subprocess.patch pytest-subprocess not avilable in Debian
Skip tests that require it.
Stefano Rivera <> no 2022-05-08

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