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Status for xpa/2.1.20-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Fix-the-paths-for-a-chroot-build-and-for-FHS.patch Fix the paths for a chroot build and for FHS Ole Streicher <> no 2016-10-15
Fix-manpages-section-name-and-spellfixes.patch Fix manpages (section, name, and spellfixes) Ole Streicher <> no 2016-10-15
Add-a-description-to-AC_DEFINEs.patch Add a description to AC_DEFINEs
This is needed for modern autoheader call.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-10-15
Install-the-tcl-interface-to-usr-lib-tcltk-xpa-according-.patch Install the tcl interface to /usr/lib/tcltk/xpa according to Debian's policy.

Also use Tcl stubs.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-10-15
Add-hardening-flags.patch Add hardening flags Ole Streicher <> no 2016-10-15
Sort-.o-files.patch Sort *.o files
Build libs with fixed order *.o files, to ger reproducible build.
=?utf-8?q?Alexis_Bienven=C3=BCe?= <> no 2016-10-15
Recognise-the-exit-status-of-mklibs.patch Recognise the exit status of mklibs
This is required to correctly fail if mklibs exits with error.
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-08-09
make-mklib-work-with-cross-compilation.patch make mklib work with cross compilation
The first hunk makes it use the compiler discovered by ./configure and thus
will work with cross compilers. Since exports CC and CXX, it seems
like mklib should be picking these up and not doing so is an upstream bug.

Then remove insertion of -m32, because this is not universally understood by
cross compilers. On Debian, the provided compiler will always choose the
correct ABI, so no -m32 or -m64 is necessary. This part likely is not
Helmut Grohne <> no 2017-08-10
Remove-uintptr_t-cast.patch Remove uintptr_t cast
This type is not always defined by default, and is in fact an unnecessary type
Ole Streicher <> no 2018-01-11

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