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Status for xphoon/20000613+0-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
do-not-require-a-tty.patch fix -i (background) option to not require a tty
diff -urN xphoon-20000613.orig/xphoon.c xphoon-20000613/xphoon.c
Jeff King <> not-needed debian 2011-08-16
manpage-section.patch fix man page section
diff -urN xphoon-20000613.orig/ xphoon-20000613/
Junichi Uekawa <> not-needed 2011-08-16
xbm-include.patch fix include to be able to build with hardened flags Ricardo Mones <> not-needed 2013-09-19
preprocessor-warnings.patch fix warnings for extra tokens at end of #endif/#else directives
diff -urN b/dtime.c c/dtime.c
Ricardo Mones <> not-needed 2013-09-19
implicit-declaration.patch fix “incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'exit'”
diff -urN a/phase.c b/phase.c
Ricardo Mones <> not-needed 2013-09-19
link-with-ldflags.patch ensure LDFLAGS are used when linking binary
diff --git a/Imakefile b/Imakefile
index 96d7fd6..f4d7313 100644
Ricardo Mones <> not-needed 2014-09-30
support-xrandr.patch Add XRandR support, adapted from commit d6e507e72e757a31ccf33a70e19ae4f89bf8c240 on project

diff --git a/Imakefile b/Imakefile
index f4d7313..c8a9c19 100644
Vadim Vygonets <> not-needed 2018-10-23
fix-time_t-args.patch Fix FTBFS in x32 architecture because of using long instead time_t for time() and localtime() and declaring functions with
conflicting types
Ricardo Mones <> not-needed 2019-01-10

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