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0001-Decouple-the-target-decision-from-native-cross-build.patch [PATCH 1/9] Decouple the target decision from native / cross builds
When building XRT, the variable XRT_NATIVE_BUILD is used to track
whether HOST == TARGET.

Unfortunately when XRT_NATIVE_BUILD is set to "no", the usage has also
expanded to include the assumption that XRT is being built for
embedded targets, e.g., Xilinx MPSoC. This assumption makes it
impossible to do native builds targeting edge devices - useful for
builds running builds directly on arm64 platforms.

In order to decouple the semantics of native / cross build from the
target - PCIe or edge, introduce a new variable "XRT_EDGE_BUILD" that
is used to indicate that the build is targetting edge devices. It is
possible to xrt builds for edge devices by passing
"-DXRT_EDGE_BUILD=yes" when invoking cmake. With this change, it is no
longer necessary to track native / cross builds and XRT_NATIVE_BUILD
can be dropped.
Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-01
0002-Make-git-optional-for-the-build.patch [PATCH 2/9] Make "git" optional for the build
During the build, "git" is used to query information regarding the
branch and top commit which is then embedded in the build

Not all builds of xrt are from the upstream trees and embedding
arbitrary git tree information is not helpful. Drop the requirement
for "git" during the build - thus preventing the embedding of
associated information as well.
Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-02
0003-Don-t-force-install-location.patch [PATCH 3/9] Don't force install location
The XRT build system makes assumption about where the generated
binaries are to be installed depending on whether the target is PCIe
or edge device.

Drop these assumptions and let the caller specify if they want things
installed anywhere other than the default.
Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-02
0004-Install-pkgconfig-files-in-multiarch-aware-location.patch [PATCH 4/9] Install pkgconfig files in multiarch aware location Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-08
0005-Update-library-install-location.patch [PATCH 5/9] Update library install location
By default XRT installs libraries to locations that don't take
multi-arch into account. In some situations, the install location is
prefixed with "xrt".

Make the library install path multiarch aware by using the cmake
variable CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR for all the libraries.
Punit Agrawal <> no 2021-04-12
0006-src-CMake-version.cmake-Consistently-use-UTC-timezon.patch [PATCH 6/9] src/CMake/version.cmake: Consistently use UTC timezone for timestamps.

While cmake TIMESTAMP respects the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment
variable, it needs to be specified in the UTC timezone otherwise the
local timezone is used.

Convert XRT_DATE_RFC to use cmake TIMESTAMP.
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2022-03-12 [PATCH 7/9] src/runtime_src/ert/ Disable optimize O3 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> no 2022-08-08
0008-Add-include-array.patch [PATCH 8/9] Add include <array> Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> no 2022-08-08
0009-Fix-cpp-check-for-double-free.patch [PATCH 9/9] Fix cpp check for double free Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> no 2022-08-08
0010-Fix-format-of-sscanf.patch [PATCH] Fix format of sscanf Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> no 2023-02-04
0011-module_loader.cpp-Change-modules-path-to-multiarch.patch [PATCH] module_loader.cpp: Change modules path to multiarch Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> no 2023-02-28

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