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Status for xymon/4.3.30-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
03_doc-paths.patch Change paths in documentation to fit Debian paths
Christoph Berg <> not-needed debian 2015-09-10
09_hobbitclient-debian.patch Send (reformatted) dpkg -l output with client message Christoph Berg <> not-needed 2015-09-10
12_hobbitvars.patch Fix paths to fit into the Debian directory structure
not-needed 2015-10-30
21_FHS-instead-FSSTND-in-example-in-man-page.patch Switch analysis.cfg(5) examples from FSSTND to FHS Silences a lintian warning which was following a red herring. Axel Beckert <> not-needed
24_hobbitclient-tmpfs.patch Multiple kfreebsd patches, additional ignored file systems

xymon (4.3.0~beta2.dfsg-6) unstable; urgency=low

* Support GNU/kFreeBSD by adding a Makefile and a config snippet that
pretends we are running on Linux. (Closes: #458417)
* Tweak to report 'df' data without /proc/filesystems

-- Christoph Berg <> Fri, 09 Apr 2010 00:17:03 +0200

hobbit (4.2.0.dfsg-13) unstable; urgency=low

* Do not ignore tmpfs mountpoints in, but add
/dev, /dev/shm, and /lib/init/rw to the default IGNORE list in
/etc/hobbit/hobbit-clients.cfg. (Closes: #487157)

-- Christoph Berg <> Sat, 05 Jul 2008 14:43:23 +0200
yes 2018-10-18
27_hobbit_files_ifexist.patch Add "IFEXIST" patch to hobbit-clients.cfg/files test
Bernd Zeimetz <> yes 2015-10-30
30_prefer-packaged-temp-plugin-over-unpackaged-devmon.patch prefer temp plugin over temp values from devmon hobbit-plugins ships a temp plugin which supports putting temperature
data into RRD and showing them as graphs. But the latter doesn't work
if "temp=devmon" is listed in TEST2RRD.
That setting is meant for gathering temperatures from SNMP via the
not packaged devmon (
So for now we prefer working shipped plugins over supporting
non-packaged add-on daemons.

Axel Beckert <> not-needed
33_526176-ldap.patch #526176: xymon: ldap_init implicitly converted to pointer
Our automated buildd log filter[1] detected a problem that is likely to
cause your package to segfault on architectures where the size of a
pointer is greater than the size of an integer, such as ia64 and amd64.

Function `ldap_init' implicitly converted to pointer at test-ldap.c:25

This is often due to a missing function prototype definition.
For more information, see [2].

Though it is guaranteed that this codepath will cause a segfault on certain
architectures, it is not guaranteed that this codepath would ever be executed
(e.g., if the returned pointer is never dereferenced). However, this bug
does prevent the ia64 buildd from successfully building this package, resulting
in a practical FTBFS issue and warranting the serious severity.

The libldap API has been updated and many functions used by the ldap
plugin are now deprecated. This package should either update to the
new API or define LDAP_DEPRECATED to continue using the deprecated

This patch implements the lazy solution.


dann frazier <> no debian 2015-09-10
42_bbcombotest-fix.patch Fix bbcombotest: "Could not access hobbitd board, error 0"
Christoph Berg <> no 2015-09-10
45_fix-configure-for-multiarch.patch Fix FTBFS due to multiarch
Axel Beckert <> not-needed debian 2015-09-10
48_png-multiarch.patch tell the build script how to link to libpng
gregor herrmann <> not-needed vendor 2011-12-26
51_hardening-buildflags.patch Care that CFLAGS set in debian/rules are honoured.
Axel Beckert <> no 2015-09-10
69_disk-no-duplicate-root.patch Ignore duplicate submissions for the "/" partition Christoph Berg <> yes 2015-09-10
90_reproducible-build.patch fix reproducible build on merged-usr vs non-merged systems Andreas Henriksson <> no debian
92_ntpdate_ntpdig.patch Use "ntpdig -t 1" as a ntpdate replacement ntpdate (from package ntpsec-ntpdate) is only a shell wrapper around ntpdig,
which maps "ntpdate -u -q -p 1" to "ntpdig -t 1" and warns about obsolete
option "-p".
Using ntpdig directly saves a shell call.
Roland Rosenfeld <> yes debian 2024-02-12
93_pcre2.patch Port to PCRE2. pcre2_substring_copy_bynumber() return value fixup by Roland Rosenfeld. Yavor Doganov <> yes debian 2024-02-12
94_nousemultipart.patch Fix Snapshort and Availability Report on Firefox Roland Rosenfeld <> yes debian 2021-07-12
95_fix_tls13_banner.patch Fix reading service banners from TLS-1.3-enabled hosts

Related discussion:
Andreas Oberritter <> yes debian 2021-05-11
96_manual-backslash.patch Write backslash in man pages as \e (not \\) According to groff(7):
Printable backslashes must be denoted as \e.
See also
Roland Rosenfeld <> yes 2024-02-11
97_makehtml.patch Make the date header of html man pages reproducible Additionally set the hostname to localhost as upstream seems to do, too. Roland Rosenfeld <> yes 2024-02-11
98_man_fb.patch Fix typo \fb (instead of \fB) in some man pages Roland Rosenfeld <> yes 2024-02-11

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