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0000-0.2.6+svn20070727.r22.patch Upgrade to zhcon 0.2.6+svn20070727.r22 Upgrade zhcon 0.2.6 (r11) to 0.2.6+svn20070727.r22.
Patch generated with "svn diff -r 11" from source checked out with
"svn checkout zhcon-code",
with auto-generated "configure", "" and ""
files removed.
not-needed upstream 2018-08-15
0001-gcc-ftbfs-fixes.patch FTBFS fixes for GCC 4.6 and up Refreshed for 0.2.6+svn20070727.r22 not-needed vendor 2018-08-17
0002-debian-561491-fix-x-mask.patch [PATCH] debian 561491 fix x mask Debian Chinese Team <> not-needed 2012-06-09
0003-use-destdir.patch [PATCH] use destdir Aron Xu <> not-needed 2018-08-07
0004-lc_ctype-instead-of-lc_all.patch [PATCH] lc_ctype instead of lc_all Aron Xu <> not-needed 2018-08-06
0005-glibc-iconv-extension.patch [PATCH] glibc iconv extension Aron Xu <> not-needed 2012-06-09
0006-enable-build-platforms.patch [PATCH] enable build platforms Aron Xu <> not-needed 2018-08-06
0007-better-jp-and-ko-handling.patch [PATCH] better jp and ko handling Aron Xu <> not-needed 2018-08-06
0009-remove-rpath-from-configure.patch Prevent from adding rpath through LDFLAGS Instead of running chrpath, don't compile with rpath in the first place.
Furthermore, by not messing with LDFLAGS in,
Debian's hardening buildflags can be passed on,
thus avoiding Lintian "hardening-no-relro" warning.
Anthony Fok <> not-needed vendor 2015-11-19
0010-install-fonts-and-ime-tables-to-usr-share.patch Move zhcon fonts and IME tables to /usr/share/zhcon The fonts and IME tables that come with zhcon are platform-independent,
and should not be in /usr/lib/zhcon. Furthermore, with the new
multiarch support in place, these files would have been installed
in directories such as /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/zhcon, and
zhcon would not be able to find its fonts, hence the move.
Anthony Fok <> not-needed vendor 2015-11-19
0011-winime-64bit-fix.patch Fix zhcon crash with built-in input methods on 64-bit platform Md82 fixed a zhcon crash when the user tries to type after enabling
the built-in Chinese input method. The fix was posted to the LinuxDev
board on SMTH BBS on 2008-10-11, accessible through this URL:
发信人: Md82 (我是KCN的一条狗啊), 信区: LinuxDev
标 题: 一上午时间终于把zhcon的输入法在x86-64调通
发信站: 水木社区 (Sat Oct 11 09:36:29 2008), 站内
zhcon0.2.6的输入法不能在 x86-64上运行,一输入字符就报告段错误
fedora9和fedora10打包的两个binary rpm也一样的问题
解决办法是把几个数组从char**改成int *,以及修改了相关的偏移量计算代码。现在终
※ 修改:·Md82 于 Oct 11 09:38:01 2008 修改本文·[FROM: 115.130.13.*]
※ 来源:·水木社区·[FROM: 115.130.13.*]
附件(8.7KB) winime.cpp (
附件(2.8KB) winime.h (
============================================================================== not-needed debian other 2015-11-19
0012-zhcon-conf-for-debian.patch Customize unicon module paths in zhcon.conf for Debian .
zhcon (1:0.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
* New upstream release.
* unicon input method work right now.
* new words can be saved when use ZNPY
* Change ZNPY as default input method.
-- Yu Guanghui <> Wed, 7 May 2003 01:09:46 +0800
Anthony Fok change the default input method from unicon's 智能拼音
back to zhcon's built-in 全拼 to avoid problem on 64-bit platform
until we have a change to get it fixed.
Yu Guanghui <>, Anthony Fok <> not-needed vendor 2015-11-19
0013-adduser-to-video-group-message.patch Tell user to join the "video" group so zhcon can start in these days of modern hardware and modern Linux kernel,
the old warning message is obsolete and inaccurate.
Running "sudo adduser $(whoami) video" should fix the problem
for most end users.
Anthony Fok <> not-needed vendor 2015-11-19
0014-fix-warnings.patch Fix "ISO C++ forbids converting a string constant to ‘char *’" warnings Anthony Fok <> not-needed vendor 2018-08-17
0015-i386-ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS on i386 This should fix Debian Bug #909859. Adrian Bunk <> not-needed 2018-09-29
0016-gettext-0.20-compat.patch gettext-0.20 compat Boyuan Yang <> not-needed debian 2020-12-26 use AM_LDFLAGS AM_CXXFLAGS in xiao sheng wen <> not-needed

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